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Fashion Meets Culture

In Te Reo Māori, 'Kahu' is referred to a garment or clothing and 'Wahine' means woman.

Our ‘Kahu’ Contemporary wraps in Māori patterns are made from a wool blend for the cooler days & nights.. Reversible with a brighter color on one side and a softer version on the other side gives you the choice of a different look for your special occasion.  

Dress up or Dress down and it’s also very stylish worn with boots. Each color has its own Māori name and ‘Kahu Wahine’ wraps can be worn in different ways. Doubled over they can also be used as a travelling rug or as a shoulder hug for those cooler seasons, especially for our ‘Kaumatua,’ (elderly).​


‘Kahu Wahine,’ came about from the beautiful relationship and interaction with our whānau/family dog, ‘Kahu.' She is a Siberian Husky and Norwegian Elkhound mix with beautiful half blue and brown eyes. She has a lovely nature, is very intelligent and she gives us much joy everyday.​

Louisa Henderson, Creator and Owner of ‘Kahu Wahine.’
A descendant of Ngāti Porou.
Louisa considers Gisborne as her home where she was raised by her grandparents in her early years. She comes from a large family of 13 children, herself being the eldest girl and attended schools in Otara and Otahuhu South Auckland.  “Family is where you first learn to love.”

She now lives in Papakura, Auckland with her husband Dave.
They show their love by supporting their five children.
The family joke is that ‘Kahu’ the dog is the ninth moko (grandchild).
Louisa lives her life by this quote…

“Happiness is not having the best of everything you want.
It is making the best of everything you’ve got.”​​

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Stylish, Versatile and Timeless.

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